Most people would love to be a bird just for one day. Imagine being able to travel almost anywhere without getting into a car, train, boat or plane. Imagine soaring high over the hills or dashing through the forest trees like an aerial sprinter. If you could be one bird, it would have to be a bird of prey

Birds of prey and owls are symbols of freedom, majesty and wisdom. Their incredible eyesight and hearing allow them to see the World in a very different way to you and I. Get up close and personal with these awe-inspiring animals through a Mantella Interactive Animal Encounter and learn how these amazing birds manage to float silently over the fields, stoop through the air at incredible speeds, hover motionless in the air and take their prey by surprise

We'll also show you how our fascination with birds of prey through the ages has allowed us to use nature's designs to come up with some clever and important inventions - some of which can be found in your home!


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