Minibeasts are exactly that - mini beasts. Small animals. They outnumber all other animals on Earth and live in every possible environment, yet most people wouldn't want to get too cosy with any of them. We don't have much of an option though as one of the best places to find minibeasts is in your house and garden! This is not an next to us often makes it easier for them to find food, shelter, mates, and avoid danger. They are masters of concealment however and for every one you see, there are dozens more going about their daily lives unseen

In nature its the minibeasts that make everything else work - they recycle waste, pollinate plants, clean up when we make a mess, and provide food for countless bigger animals. Without minibeasts there would be no Swallows in the summer; no Robin visiting your garden as you weed and rake the soil; no Hedgehogs or Badgers rummaging around in the woods; and think of a World without butterflies!

At Mantella we can bring you closer to minibeasts from the deserts, grasslands and rainforests around the World. Learn how they move, grow, feed and escape becoming a meal themselves, and you'll start to appreciate just how special and important these little (and not so little!) animals really are!

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