We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor nature study

programmes which are suitable for all ages.

While many are particularly suitable for science and geography students, these are great activities for everyone interested in the natural world and their content can be tailored to accommodate any age group.

They include:


Pond dipping          -          Focus on Pollution          -          Minibeast Hunting

Moth mornings          -          Bat evenings          -          Animal tracking

Birding for beginners       -       Advanced Birding       -       River studies

Coastal processes       -       Coastal plants & animals       -       Botanical walks

Fungal Forays       -       Food for Free walks       -       Guided habitat walks

It is preferred that the programmes are conducted outdoors, however during instances of poor weather they can be run on a modified indoor format if required. In addition to the above programmes, we welcome bespoke requests.


Mantella Environmental Education

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